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“I really liked this training. The woman who presented it was excellent! It was well planned out. Throughout the training we had classroom time then gym time. We were on the move and having fun. I didn't even realize how fast the time went. During our gym games we were active for 30 minutes, having fun and everyone participated. There was no down time. Very easy in transitions. I will use the set up and CATCH phrases she used for my program next year. I want to spend time this summer reviewing the CATCH binder and grouping the activities and games together as a unit to coordinate with my themes. She also gave ideas on how to change up the games for different age groups as well as when you are short of equipment. I also can see the value that CATCH would have for the summer program. There is also a website she gave us so we can download more material that I want to explore as well. So glad I went.- (Salvation Army Youth leader)” 33 After School program youth leaders from three agencies across Onondaga County engaged in a 6-hour activity-based training to gain resources and skills to engage youth in age-appropriate, “inclusive” active play. CATCH has a 25 year track record as an evidenced-based program proven program to help reduce childhood obesity risk.

Kathy Dischner

Onondaga County

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