Nothing beats the smell of fresh basil. Try this wonderful herb to add flavor to your dishes rather than added salt!

How to Select

Look for whole, smooth leaves that are aromatic, bright green, and free of black spots. Avoid basil that is wilting or has moldy stems

How to Store

Do not rinse for storage. If stems are attached, cut ends and place in glass of water. Use fresh as needed. Wrap leaves in paper towels and refrigerate in a plastic bag with some air holes. To freeze for later: blanch whole leaves for 2 seconds and freeze in plastic bag or freeze chopped leaves in ice cube tray with water.

How to Prepare

Rinse leaves in cold water. To eat raw chopped or whole in salads, dressings, sandwiches, wraps& fresh sauces. Chop or tear leaves and add to cooked dishes at the last minute for strongest flavor.

Recipes with this Vegetable