Cherry Tomatoes

The title "cherry tomato" is generally conferred on any very small tomato—usually smaller than an inch across. Within the family of "cherry tomatoes" you will find pear tomatoes (small and pear-shaped), grape tomatoes (oval-shaped and 1/2-inch across or smaller), and the super tiny currant tomatoes no bigger than a pinkie nail.

How to Select

Choose cherry tomatoes with firm, bright skins and a fresh, tomato-y scent. Seriously, like all tomatoes, cherry tomatoes should smell distinctly like you hope they'll taste.

How to Store

Like all tomatoes, cherry tomatoes dislike a chill. Keep cherry tomatoes at room temperature for the best flavor and to avoid the mealy texture that can result from putting them in the refrigerator. I like to keep them in a bowl on the counter for super easy, healthful snacking.

How to Prepare

Small tomatoes are great to toss in salads or with pasta for a fresh, summer flavor. Sauteed "bursted" tomatoes are fantastic with pasta or as a side dish.