This vegetable is called “eggplant” in three countries, the US, Australia, and Canada, because the first varieties of eggplants in those countries were smaller and were a white or yellow color and shaped like an egg!

How to Select

Look for a smooth, shiny eggplant. Press your finger or thumb into the skin of the eggplant gently but firmly. The flesh should give a little to the pressure and create a slight indent but spring back immediately when pressure is released.

How to Store

Eggplants can be stored in the fridge for a few days. Need to use it fast? You don't have to eat eggplant at every meal. Instead, roast and blend the eggplant in big batches. Freeze the purée with a little lemon juice (to prevent discoloration), and use it in sauces and dips all year 'round.

How to Prepare

There is no end to the ways you can prepare eggplant. Roast it, grill it, saute it, even steam it. Each results in a different texture and taste, but all will be delicious.