Mizuna has a mild and tangy flavor. You will find the flavor of mizuna peppery-fresh but not overpowering. Mizuna is a spring to early summer green from the mustard family. Its leaves are finely dissected and glossy green on long, slender stems. The leaves look something like a dandelion green.

How to Select

Choose mizuna with fresh, bright, fully green leaves. The leaves can be found both loose or attached at the base in the market. Select leaves without yellowing or drying.

How to Store

Mizuna will keep in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. Rinse and dry the leaves before refrigerating. Wrap them in a paper towel and store them in a plastic bag.

How to Prepare

Trim a few inches from the base of the plant to separate the stalks; cut them into 1½ inch sections then wash or dunk them in several changes of water and dry.

Recipes with this Vegetable