The Aztecs are credited with domesticating the tomatillo. To this day, this peculiar fruit is a constant component of the Mexican and Guatemalan diet. Traditionally tomatillos are combined with chili peppers to make sauces, with the coolness of the tomatillo balancing out the hot flavor of the pepper.

How to Select

Look for tomatillos that are firm, dry, hard and tightly attached to their husks. Avoid ones that are moldy, soft, yellow or sticky.

How to Store

Refrigerate tomatillos in a paper bag up to 1 month.

How to Prepare

Tomatillos may ripen to yellow but are better used when green. Before cooking or eating tomatillos, pull off the papery husks by hand, then wash by swishing in a bowl of cold water to remove the sticky coating.

Recipes with this Vegetable