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At the end of a talk about snacking on fruits and vegetables at the YMCA in Norwich, ESNY educator, Whitney, asked youth participants to come up with new vegetables they would like to try. The group decided they wanted to try eggplant! With eggplant in mind, Whitney came up with a food that she thought kids would love—eggplant pizzas! The next week at the YMCA, she did a food demonstration showing the group how they could make eggplant pizzas at home. The pizzas were a hug hit! One youth participant, Meadow, asked her mom if they could go to the store on the way home to buy some eggplant and make the pizzas at home. Meadow also told her mom that while the eggplant pizzas were cooking they smelled just like pizza she had gotten on the boardwalk in New Jersey! All of the youth participants gave the pizzas two thumbs up!

Whitney Kmetz

Chenango County


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